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Welcome to the Cambridge Memorial Church wiki. (Here's) where to find us in the real world . This website is still under construction, but eventually the aim is for it to become a useful tool for the Church community. There are already some websites with information relating to the Church, and this wiki is not intended to replace them. If you are looking for the public face of the Church, try our main website. The minister's personal reflections, transcripts of recent sermons, and much more can be found on his blog.

This website is to serve the day-to-day activities of the Church. Firstly, it will provide a repository of handy information, such as the coffee rota. Second, it will maintain a structured summary of the current activities organised within the Church community. Finally, it will serve as a public forum for discussion of those activities, helping us to work out as a congregation both what we will be doing and why. This discussion will largely take place on the discussion pages, which you can access by clicking the 'discussion' tabs appearing at the top of each page.

If you are a member and/or regular attender of the church and want to contribute to this wiki please contact the minister (Andrew) and he will issue you with a user name and password.

Information about the Church

Drawing of the church by Gee Horsley
Here's a list of the current activities of the Church. If we've missed anything, please add it. If there's anything you think we should be doing but aren't, put a comment on the talk page.

Photo of Church
Architect's Plan

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We need not think alike to love alike
"We need not think alike to love alike." - Francis David (1510-1579)

Unitarian Church, 5 Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW, UK