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The garden in April 2009 with a blackbird enjoying the space
The restoration of the church's memorial garden was an important project in the recent renewal of the church. It is, today, a place of peace and beauty. A wonderful place to meditate or pray.
  • Here is a pdf copy of piece written by Shirley Fieldhouse in 2003 shortly after the garden was re-created.
  • Here is a pdf copy of Sabrina Lewin's brief diary of the garden's renewal.

And below are two photos of the garden at the very start of the project in 2003 and one of the Cribb family who designed, carved and donated a plaque bearing the words of the sixteenth-century Transylvanian Unitarian Bishop, Francis David: "We need not think alike to love alike."

Work begins 29 March 2003
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Work begins 29 March 2003
We need not think alike to love alike

Today we are helped to keep the garden in good shape by Tish. Tish has her own design and build landscaping company called Wonderlandscapes.