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Purpose of the wiki.

I've put a tentative statement of the purpose of the wiki up, but it is by no means definitive. Please feel free to put in bits I missed, take out goofs and generally muck about with what I said. Nathan 13:25, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

Church activities.

To kick off a discussion about what else the Church might get up to, how about the idea (floated a few months ago) of having some lecture/conversations advertised to university students and staff? Second, most of our activities currently have an inward focus. Are there any suggestions for how we could get more involved in corporate social activity? Nathan 13:37, 10 March 2009 (UTC)


For many years(?) now I have been urging the institution of some sort of public lecture with high profile speakers etc to engage university folk but others too. This shouldn't be too difficult to set up, should it?

Also we need to consider further the central position of the church. I still think it should be opened up so that passers by can come in for coffee and chat. The Wednesday concerts were a good idea but the timing wasn't that good for those who work. On a Saturday morning we could 'catch' shoppers walking past and more importantly others with nowhere special to go. A great opportunity for being 'evangelical' about 'liberal religion'.

NB: this the first time that I've ever written on a wiki so PLEASE be kind to me! Jackie 13th April 2009


Re Nathan's points. The talks within the university are still planned. I'm waiting for the two people involved to come back from a honeymoon and a visit back home across the Atlantic. On the other matter I have approached another church member who teaches some of the immigrant communities here in Cambridge and it may be possible to offer our church buildings to hold some events for them. Church members may well be able to get involved in that. Also - on a very local level - what about this? I also agree with Jackie. Any volunteers for Saturday opening? I can often be around to help if needed but it is generally the day when I am preparing the Sunday service. Andrew