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During the Sunday morning service the address is followed by a period of conversation. The occasional series of Wednesday Evening conversations are designed to compliment and deepen that. The text that appears in the order of service reads as follows.

  • The text that appears on the order of service pertaining to the period of conversation after the address is as follows. It was written by the current minister. This period of conversation was introduced into the service at the beginning of 2009:

‘Conversation as the natural organ communicating, mind with mind,…is the method of human culture. By it I come nearer to those whom I shall address than by any other means’ (Bronson Alcott). The period of conversation which follows immediately after the address and musical offering is here to allow those present to add brief thoughts and additional points to those made by the person who has given the address. The simple purpose is to help enlarge our collective understanding of the complex issues facing us as a contemporary liberal religious community. Contrary viewpoints are genuinely welcome but please try your hardest to avoid engaging in argument at this juncture. There is plenty of opportunity for more critical engagement with each other immediately after the service and in our ongoing series of Wednesday evening conversations. In all this we affirm but one orthodoxy: a love of truth that is a sincere desire to understand how the world is and our place in it.

Current Conversations

Dates for February and March 2013 are : 6, 13, 27 February and 6, 20 and 27 March.

One of the evenings in March (date to be finalised) will be devoted to considering the issue of 'Assisted dying', a topic that is on the agenda for the Unitarian Annual Meetings (General Assembly) in mid-April.

They provide an opportunity to talk further about the theme of the previous Sunday's address or anything else that strikes us as relevant.

They begin at 7.30pm when we gather and have some tea and coffee and then conversation itself starts at 8pm and runs through until 9.30pm. For those so minded we often finish up by going down to the Clarendon Arms for a quick drink.

No prior preparation is required but it wouldn't be a bad idea to read the address on the church's main website site:

Or, if you like pictures and an opportunity to comment, go to the minister's blog which you can find here: